Mallee Charcoal (5kg)

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There’s nothing quite like the flavour of meat cooked over lump charcoal. The natural smoky flavours and aromas created by a charcoal fire are something truly special, but charcoal fires can be hard to manage, right? If you’ve used lump charcoal in the past you probably expect to find a bag full of dust and fines among the usable charcoal. Not when you’re using a premium grade charcoal like Weber Mallee Charcoal.

Weber Mallee Charcoal is made from a sustainable source of 100% natural Australia Mallee timber. Because we burn our charcoal in rural New South Wales, we know what goes in to every pit, which guarantees the quality of what comes out – premium grade charcoal that is easy to use, lights and burns consistently, and has met Weber’s standards for quality.


  • Specially graded to remove small pieces and large chunks
  • Delivers consistent performance with every cook
  • Burns cleaner and produces hardly any ash (even compared with other charcoal)
  • Contains no mineral coals, chemicals, or additives
  • Ready to cook in 10-15 minutes
  • Sourced from naturally seasoned timber in a sustainable environment
  • Provides a neutral, complimentary smoke flavour to your food
  • Low and Slow suitable: Can burn for 6-8 hours at these temperatures
  • 5kg bag

Mallee Charcoal Story:
Mallee is a fantastic wood for charcoal production. It has adapted to thrive in the dry Australian climate. The lack of rainfall produces a hard, low moisture content wood that makes for a clean, hot, and long burning charcoal. 
Most charcoal is produced by slow-burning the timber for 2-4 weeks, however due to the Mallee timber's dryness, the burn time is usually extended to 4-6 weeks. This gives the Mallee charcoal it's outstanding burn characteristics.
The area in Western NSW from which the Mallee is sourced suffered devastating bushfires in the 1980's. This change to the landscape saw the Mallee become the dominant species and replace the natural grass vegetation and farmland. The dense Mallee forests encouraged the growth of invasive woody weeds, which the Government is attempting to eradicate. In concert with the Government, farmers returned some areas to farmland and others to the original native bushland. This created the opportunity to turn the cleared Mallee timber into charcoal.
As a fortunate byproduct of clearing the Mallee, there have been significant positive impacts on the environment. When the Mallee is cleared, approximately 30% is left behind. This has encouraged healthy regrowth and provided a sustainable resource for the future. In addition, the more open forest canopy has seen the return of native flora and fauna.
The charcoal is produced to Weber standards, with great attention to detail to give customers the best cooking experience we can offer. There are no additives introduced during the charcoal 'cooking' process, and it is screened and graded to make sure the pieces that go into the bag aren't too big or too small. Extra care is taken in transportation of the charcoal to ensure that it is not crushed during shipment from manufacturer to the retail store.

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