Gas Bottle Refills

Run out of gas? Need a little top up to get you through your next trip?
We offer gas bottle refills for approved LP gas cylinders that are in good condition and have been stamped in the last 10 years. Bottles as small as 0.34kg and up to 10kg can be filled at our gas refill station.
We can fill your bottle while you browse the store and pick up any other items you may have left behind (or any new, exciting toys you find)

What do I need to do before I bring in my gas bottle for a refill?

    Make sure your bottle is within 10 years from the stamped date, which is when the bottle was last pressure tested.
    Any bottle over the 10 year stamp date cannot be refilled by law and must be either re-tested and stamped, or disposed of appropriately.
    Check that the gas bottle is in a good, clean condition without a large build up of grime, spiders, or rust.
    Remove any gas hoses before bringing your bottle into the store. The gas bottles cannot be refilled with the hoses attached, we will connect the proper decanting hose directly to the bottle to refill it.
    Write your name on the bottle so we don't mistake it for someone else's! Especially if you are leaving the bottle with us while you do the rounds.
    Please remove any container from the bottle that you may store it in (eg milk crate).
    We cannot fill the bottle while it is in a container as it needs to be earthed to prevent any problems with static electricity.
Remember:Β Your bottle will be much heavier once it is full. Be aware of this when lifting it in and out of your car.

What does a gas refill cost?
Check out the table below for current gas bottle refill prices.

Β 0.34kg $3.50
1.25kg $5.50
2kg $6.60
3kg $8.00
4kg $12.00
4.5kg $13.00
9kg $24.00


    1. Do you offer gas bottle refills?
      Yes, you can bring your gas cylinder into our store and purchase a refill.
    2. Can you refill my Swap and Go bottle?Β 
      We accept any gas cylinder brand, including Swap N Go or any other gas swap cylinders. As long as it is within it's 10-year testing life cycle.
    3. What is the average time to refill a gas bottle?
      For a 9kg gas bottle, roughly 10 minutes or so.
      Refilling can be slower if the decanting bottle is running low. Outside temperatures canΒ  also change the speed at which the bottles fill.