Weber Carving Knife
Weber Carving Knife

Weber Carving Knife

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Ideal for carving effortlessly through all sizes of roast meat; from legs of lamb, and pork with crackling, to whole chickens and turkeys. The pointed tip allows you to easily manoeuvre around bones without the need to swap between knives, making carving a breeze.


  • Ideal for carving through all sizes of roast meat
  • Pointed tip to easily manoeuvre around bones
  • Forged German stainless steel offers durability, rust resistance, and improved edge retention
  • Ice-hardened blade is heated to over 1,000ยฐC then cooled in ice - increases hardness and long lasting, sharper cutting edge
  • Full tang design for a strong, stable, and well balanced knife
  • Custom Pakkawoodยฎ handle for a long-lasting, heat-resistant, and water-resistant grip, designed for comfort and prolonged use


  • Blade Length: 25cm
  • Blade:ย 1.4116 German Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Cleaning & Care

When it comes to care, cleaning, and maintenance, there are a few things you can do to ensure your new knife will last you for years to come.

  • Always use your Weber knife with care.
    Avoid cutting through frozen foods, plastic packaging, and bones, and always use a plastic or wooden board to avoid blunting or chipping the blade.
  • Weber strongly recommend hand-washing all Weber knives to better maintain sharpness and prolong the life of your knife.
    Placing knives in a dishwasher will tarnish the blades and damage the handles.
  • Always ensure the knife is thoroughly dry before storing in its sheath or presentation box.
  • To maintain the sharpness of your knife, Weber recommend professional sharpening every 6-12 months (depending on usage) to an edge angle of approximately 16-20 degrees.
    For at-home maintenance, use a whetstone and a steel or ceramic homing rod between sharpenings.

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