TPU Clear Zip Top Pouch Kit

TPU Clear Zip Top Pouch Kit

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The Travelling Light TPU Clear Zip Pouch is a durable, transparent pouch which comes with six leakproof bottles with write-on labels.
Longer lasting and far more practical than ziploc bags and potentially leaky care product containers.


  • Bottle sizes comply with airport regulations for carry-on liquids, including TSA in the USA
  • Leak-proof: Reusable leak-proof bottles with small nozzles and secure lids
  • Durable storage: Pouch made from abrasion-resistant TPU material
  • Welded construction with a leak-resistant zipper
  • Grab tags for easy opening and closing
  • Includes 3x 100mL and 3x 50mL tough and lightweight custom designed HDPE bottles
  • Weight: 24 grams

Supplier Code: ATLTPUSZTP

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