How to... Get the most out of your Icebox or Esky

How to... Get the most out of your Icebox or Esky

Iceboxes differ from eskys' in that they are usually more insulated and have more effective seals. Where as eskys often have hollow walls, the walls of an icebox will be filled with a EPU foam like that found in the walls of a fridge. Both are a popular choice amongst campers, and party goers alike. Here are some tips on how to prolong the use of your Icebox or Esky on a trip.

  • Use block instead of crushed ice, it’ll last longer because it has less surface area.
    Plastic milk cartons filled with water also make great 'freezer blocks'. For an added bonus, as the ice melts, you can pour it out for drinking!
  • If you can snag a top-notch gel pack. that would be the best option. They last longer than ice and are easy to pack. 'Arctic Ice' is one example, and are available in 3 different sizes which help with packing.
  • The recommended ratio of ice to product is 1/3 ice to 2/3 product in volume.
  • Before you set out, pre-cool your cooler. If it's cold to begin with, it'll stay cold longer.
    If the icebox is cool before you load it up, then less energy is lost in just cooling it down to the right temperature.
  • Try to reduce the amount of air space, air transfers heat quickly and really reduces the ice life - in other words, try to keep the icebox as full as possible.
  • Chuck in frozen food too, frozen food will help keep the temperature down.
  • Organise the icebox in such a way that the lid doesn't have to be open any longer than necessary, and try to minimise how often you open the lid.
  • When you do have to open your icebox, don’t dillydally - close it up again ASAP!
  • Make sure you correctly refasten the icebox lid after opening every time..

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