How to cook Low and Slow on the new Weber MasterTouch Plus Kettle

How to cook Low and Slow on the new Weber MasterTouch Plus Kettle

The Weber kettle that has forever changed low and slow barbecuing.

We have all heard of slow cooked barbecue meats, from pulled meats like lamb, beef or pork, to ribs and brisket. Without a doubt there has been a rise in the popularity of cooking and barbecuing low and slow.
Most people get into low and slow cooking by using a Weber Kettle and setting it up with the ‘snake method’ which is a tedious process and requires attention but it produces great results.

The MasterTouch Plus 
Weber have evolved the much loved Kettle to include specific features that make low and slow cooking easy with minimal effort to set up and maintain the fire. For anyone who wants to get into low and slow barbecuing this is a fantastic way to get started.

What is Low and Slow?
Low and Slow cooking is a barbecue technique where food is roasted at low temperatures (generally between 95°C to 135°C) for many hours. Usually with the addition of smoking woods to add extra flavour to the meat. This technique is fantastic for tough cuts of meat that need to be cooked for a longer amount of time to breakdown the fat, muscles and collagen which results in fall apart or melt in the mouth meats.

Below are the steps on how to cook Low and Slow on the new Weber MasterTouch Plus Kettle, highlighting how much simpler it is than the old 'snake method.'


Place the char ring in the centre of the charcoal grate.


Pour Weber Barbecue Briquettes into the charcoal ring (see quantity table). Spread the briquettes out, ensuring that the diffuser plate can sit flat on top of the ring.

 Weber Barbecue Briquette Quantity Burn Time (Low and Slow 95 to 135°)
60-70 Briquettes 8-12 Hours
70-80 Briquettes 12-14 Hours


Adjust the bottom vent to the fully open position.


Place three fire-lighter cubes in the centre of the briquettes and light. Wait 20 to 25 minutes for the centre briquettes to light.
Note: By lighting the briquettes in the centre, they will slowly burn from the inside to the outside, creating even heat during the cooking time.


Place 2 to 4 smoking wood chunks around the perimeter of the lit fuel.


Place the diffuser plate on top of the char ring, ensuring that it sits flat. For best results, place a disposable drip pan, filled with warm water on top of the diffuser plate. This will help regulate the temperature inside the barbecue, catch food drippings, create moisture and help to infuse flavour into the meats.


Set the cooking grill in place and put the lid on the barbecue with the lid vents open. Preheat the cooking grill for approximately 15 minutes, or until the temperature has reached the “smoke zone” (95°C to 135°C).


Once the barbecue has preheated, brush the cooking grill clean and place the food in the centre of the cooking grill, above the drip pan. Put the lid back on the barbecue.


Swing the bottom vent to the smoking position (pictured). Once the temperature returns to the smoking zone, regulate the temperature as needed by adjusting the top vent. To decrease the temperature, close the top vent slightly, to increase the temperature, open the top vent slightly.

Now the Mastertouch Plus is set and ready to slowly roast your favourite meats.

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