General Camping Checklist

General Camping Checklist

Have you ever arrived at your destination and realised you’ve forgotten something?
This is a list to help avoid the “Oh no I forgot…..” scenario.
And of course, every trip is different and requires different equipment, so make additions and alterations to this list to suit your independent needs.
You might pack less or more depending on the number of people going, where you are going, what time of year, what kind of trip (hike, kayak, car camping) etc...


Tent (including poles and pegs)
Tent repair kit
Chairs / Stools
Stove (and fuel)
Stove stand
Gas bottle (full)
Gas attachments/hoses
Lantern and fuel
Lantern extension pole
Spare mantles
BBQ Plate
Cooler / Esky / Car Fridge
Ice or ice substitutes
Drink container
Water carrier
Plates / Bowls / Mugs
 Knives / Forks / Spoons
 Pots and Pans
 Cooking utensils
 Can opener
 Dish cloth
 Scourers / Scrubbers
 Cutting board
 Kettle / Billy
 Camp cookware
 Pot lifter
 Plastic bowl
 Washing tub
 Biodegradable soap
 BBQ Tools
 Paper Towels
 Garbage Bags
 Drinking water
 Multi-purpose Knife
Spare rope, cord, or wire
 First Aid Kit
 Matches / Long butane lighter
 Waterproof match container
 Headlamp / Torch
 Toilet paper
 Cloth tape


Sleeping bag
Inner sheet
Air bed / Stretcher / Mattress
 Air bed repair kit
 Sleeping bag liner


 Layered clothing
 Day wear
 Shoes (Walking / Casual)


 Kayak / Canoe
 Fishing Gear
 Hammer / Mallet
 Tent Peg Puller
 Jaffle Iron
 Camp Oven
 Battery Operated Lantern
 Spare Batteries
 Washstand / Basin
 Power Board
 Extension Leads
 Door Mat
 Interlocking Floor Matting
 Annexe Mat
 Solar Charger / Power Bank
 Water Toys
 Ball Games
 Card Games
Compass & Maps
Dustpan and Brush
Clotheslines / Pegs
Mozzie Coil
Insect Repellent
Shovel or Trowel
Universal Sink Plug
 Fire Starters
 Folding Saw
 Lantern Carry Case
 Lantern Tree Hanger
 Hot Water System / Shower
 Toilet Chemicals
 Rubbish Bin
 Shower / Toilet Tent
 Portable Clothes Washer
 Mozzie Dome
 Tent Light
 Spare Pegs
 Spare Tarp
 Water Purification Tablets / Filter
 Cylume Sticks (Glow Sticks)
 Biodegradable Detergent
 Fire Tripod
 Picnic Blanket
 Sun Shelter

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