Trangia 27-7 UL Small Hard Anodised Storm Cooker Set

Trangia 27-7 UL Small Hard Anodised Storm Cooker Set

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The Trangia Stove 27 Small is perfect for 1.2 people. All of the 27 series stove sets include two saucepans (1 litres each), a frypan, a windshield (upper and lower part), spirit burner, handle, and strap.
The 27-7 gives you the durability of hard-anodised surface treatment on saucepans and frypan combined with cost effective ultra-light aluminium windshields.

Cooking outdoors is easy with a Trangia outdoor stove. The stove's unique construction allows you to cook a delicious meal in any king of weather, including strong winds and the extreme cold. Its simple, tried-and-tested design - without unnecessary details that can break or be affected by the cold - make it incredibly reliable. That it is easy to put together and takes minimal space in your backpack has also contributed to its enduring popularity among outdoor enthusiasts over the decades.

The key to the Trangia system is its two-part windshield. The windshield's construction keeps the burner a certain distance from the ground, ensures good oxygen feed and provides a stable platform that keeps pots and pans steady. It makes sure the heat moves up around the pot, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency. All these factors contribute to excellent efficiency and short cooking times, even in high winds.
The construction of the windshield and other components of the stove has been optimised so that the entire stove set can be packed away with two saucepans, a frypan, coffee pot, and burner making a convenient package. This makes it easy to keep track of all the parts and pack it into your backpack.
At Trangia, they speak fondly of their spirit burner as they believe spirits to be the most versatile fuel, but Trangia gas stoves are also compatible with gas and there is a gas conversion kit available for all Trangia stoves.


  • Ultralight aluminium is 50% stronger than ordinary aluminium
  • Spread heat quickly and evenly
  • Ultralight aluminium windshield (upper and lower)
  • 2x 1 litre saucepans (hard-anodised)
  • 18cm frypan (hard-anodised)
  • Pot grabber
  • Brass burner and simmer ring


  • Runs on methylated spirits
  • Total Weight: 690 grams
  • Packed Size: 18.5 x 18.5 x 10H cm
  • Fuel Consumption: Approx 50ml to boil 1L of water
  • Boil Time: 9+ mins for 1L of water
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Supplier Code: TRA160277

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