WingBar Edge Roof Racks
WingBar Edge Roof Racks

WingBar Edge Roof Racks

Call for price.

Low-profile, aerodynamic roof rack system for an exceptionally quiet ride, easy installation of accessories, and an integrated design.


  • Includes easy-to-install load carrier feet and Thule WingBar Edge load bars
  • WindDiffuser technology disturbs airflow to reduce noise and drag for improved fuel economy
  • BoxBeam internal structure creates an exceptionally strong load bar
  • Secures to vehicle with Thule One-Key locks (included)
  • Cars with sun roof: Due to the racks' low fit on the vehicle, it may not be possible to open the sun roof when the racks are installed. Please check clearance before opening your sun roof
  • The selected load bar width, feet and fit kit are specifically adapted for your vehicle

    The prices for roof racks can vary from car to car, call us for a quote OR you can check out the Thule Buyers Guide and enter your car's make, model, and year. This handy guide will show you all roof rack combinations that are suitable for your car.

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