Surf & Lake Compact SUP 8'9"

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Soft top SUP. Rides like a Mal, Paddles like a SUP.
The Family Fun Stand-Up Paddleboard for Surf or Still Water

  • Unique protection rails to prevent damage while paddling
  • Revolution in SUP technology - compact 8'9" size provides paddling performance of boards 13" or more
  • Super light, weighs only 13kg
  • Performance tri-fin set-up for drive out of turns
  • Soft board low-impact construction
  • Traction Pad Deck included for super grip while paddling - great deck coverage
  • Angled rails cut into waves aiding height and speed
  • Rockers at front and tail aid the board's manoeuvrability
  • Built with four laminated stringers specifically designed to have great stability in surf or still water
  • The planing surface is relatively flat for ease of attaining speed
  • Centre grip handle
  • Recommended Riders 50-85kg
  • Size: 8'9" x 31.5" x 4"
  • Paddle included

SUP Surfing is an ideal sport for a superior core workout and strength.
The Redback SUP is absolutely unique. It's revolutionary construction ensures great strength whilst remaining the lightest SUP of it's size in the world!
Relentless testing has resulted in the X-Trainer's remarkable combination of unequalled stability, fantastic buoyancy, amazing speed, exciting manoeuvrability, and compact size.
It is a workout that focuses on the muscles in the middle of the body, the core abdominal's, the stomach, lower back, plus the shoulders. It's low impact, no load, repetitive nature, tones, and strengthens with minimal risk of injury associated with more resistant types of workouts.
Training on unbalanced surfaces is an efficient way of building across muscle groups and torso rotation while balancing the opposing force against the foot pressure, results in a great core strengthen workout.