Barbecue Grass-Fed Beef - Original 400

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Barbecue Grass-Fed Beef - Original 400
Barbecue Grass-Fed Beef - Original 400

Original 400
A nutritionally optimised meal to support energy levels and peak physical and mental function. Designed with over 20g of high-quality protein to support muscle balance and function while fuelling you for longer. This meal further incorporates a range of whole foods, including over 2 servings of fresh vegetables to provide plentiful micronutrients required to best support optimal health.
This nutritionally dense meal incorporates tender grass-fed beef with fresh spices to create a warming barbeque flavour that is as good for you as it tastes. Finished with fresh pumpkin and spinach, this is a perfect everyday lunch or light meal to support your best health.

  • 390 Calorie meal
  • Gluten Free
  • Gross Weight: 101 grams
  • Serving Size: 261 grams
  • Preparation: Main meals require 175ml boiling water. Ready in 5 minutes.
  • Ingredients: Pumpkin, Grass-Fed Beef (20%) [Grass-Fed Beef (90%), Organic Rice Flour, Parsely, Basil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Oil], Tomato, White Rice, Spinach, Apple Powder, Organic Olive Oil, Smoked Paprika, Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Pink Himilayan Salt, Sweet Paprika, Thyme, Allspice, Black Pepper, Chilli
  • Allergens: May contain traces of milk, soy, tree nuts and fish.

Nutritional Information

Average Quantity per Serving per 100g
Energy 1630kJ
Protein 21.8g
- gluten nil nil
Fat, total 18.3g
- Saturated 5.2g
Carbohydrate 31.5g
- Sugars 7.0g
Dietary Fibre 5.6g
Sodium 778mg