Rack & Roll Universal Kayak Loader
Rack & Roll Universal Kayak Loader

Rack & Roll Universal Kayak Loader

This product is no longer available.


Rack & Roll is a universal and removable roof rack accessory originally designed and developed to make it possible for just one person to load heavy, awkward objects onto the roof of their vehicle.
Originally designed to load Kayaks and Canoes onto a vehicle, the Rack & Roll system has also found uses in trades for an individual loading operator Stand up Paddle Boards, timber or ladders.


  • Single person operation
  • Simple to use
  • Reduces the strain on your back
  • Suits most styles of major roof rack systems on the market
  • Can be used on both sides of the vehicle
  • Stops damage to your vehicle or kayak caused by dropping load while attempting to lift
  • Can be adapted to other roof racks with optional attachment brackets
  • Cost effective
  • Because the system is removed when not in use, it does not alter your cars aerodynamics
  • Causes no additional noise from your roof rack system like some permanent roof rack accessories
  • Does not require a tow ball to be fitted on your vehicle
  • Tested with loads up to 34kg
  • For loads heavier than 34kg, the Rack & Roll - Load Extension Support 'RRLEG' will enable the Rack & Roll to be used with loads up to 65kg.
  • Check which model suits your roof rack here

Supplier Code: RRSPORT

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