Goondie 1P Mesh Inner Hiking Tent - (30D Fly)
Goondie 1P Mesh Inner Hiking Tent - (30D Fly)
Goondie 1P Mesh Inner Hiking Tent - (30D Fly)
Goondie 1P Mesh Inner Hiking Tent - (30D Fly)
Goondie 1P Mesh Inner Hiking Tent - (30D Fly)

Goondie 1P Mesh Inner Hiking Tent - (30D Fly)

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The Goondie 1 Mesh is designed for the solo hiker who wants a secure shelter with a stable cross-pole structure. This tent gives excellent ventilation while maintaining comfort and practicality, and has enviable interior height so you can sit up with a coffee, read or get dressed.
There is a single door for entry, with a side vestibule for storing a stove or boots. Our high-sided bathtub floor leads the industry in durability and water fastness, combined with short nylon side walls to prevent wind blowing directly into your face while you’re resting. The micromesh allows exceptional air flow: perfect for the hottest climates or tropical nights.


  • Dome structure fits in even the smallest camp site while maximising usable space
  • Tapered rectangular shape saves weight by eliminating obsolete space 
    (Set up with the foot end pointing into the prevailing wind for improved aerodynamic performance)
  • The generous interior gives enough room to sit up
  • Spacious vestibule easily stores a large-capacity bushwalking rucksack, ideal in inclement poor weather
  • Small storage hatch is accessible by reaching under the fly or through the half-moon door in the inner
  • DAC poles in a crossover design give an architecturally solid structure to ensure reliability in high winds and rough weather
  • DAC technical features create a secure, reliable hold that’s quick to set up and pack down
    (DAC Ball Cap™ connects the inner and ridge pole, connected to the DAC SQ Ring™ sewn inside the fly)
  • The ridge pole is designed to overhang the bathtub floor, creating a protective alcove to stops drips from rolling off the fly into the tent
  • DAC 9-millimetre diameter poles are stronger than most while finding the sweet spot that balances weight, durability and strength
  • No troublesome structural pole hubs makes a fundamentally stronger tent with easy set up and awesome reliability in the field
  • DAC twist-clip component allows quick and easy attachment of inners to poles without fiddly pole sleeves. The clips are extremely tough and durable thanks to their flat shape and moulded construction, and can be clipped on or off with one hand.
  • Fly is seam sealed with tape in the factory so you don’t have to do it. The fabric has a sil/PU coating and a high waterhead, giving you protection in all conditions.
  • The micromesh used in the Mesh inner provides maximum ventilation and protection from creepy crawlies
  • Short nylon walls on the inner give wind protection while lying down and resting up
  • The thick, robust and highly waterproof floor is coated with polyether urethane (PeU): it doesn’t wet out and is extremely resistant to mould, mildew and hydrolysis
  • The single-piece floor doesn’t have a mid seam, removing a major water access point and improving durability
  • Colour-coded webbing used on the fly and inner encourages quick and efficient set up in any conditions
  • Ventilation vents have steep access to allow air flow but not wind-driven rain
  • When you roll up the fly door a gutter is formed, naturally catching and channelling rain away from the tent entrance
  • Internal loops allow you to hang a clothes line or mesh loft from the ceiling
  • Guy lines and lightweight adjusters are simple and effective, with reflective rope and storage pockets to keep things neat and tidy
  • Fly and inner bagged separately for easy packing in your rucksack or sharing between pals


  • Internal Dimensions: 230 x 85 x 95(H) cm
  • Total Size: 240 x 210 x 95(H) cm
  • Minimum Weight: 1.5kg
  • Packaged Weight: 1.66kg
  • Capacity: 1 Adult
  • Fly: 30D Polyester (Sil/PU coating)
  • Floor: 75D Polyester (PEU coating)
  • Inner: 15D Nylon with DWR & Micromesh
  • Poles: DAC Featherlite 9mm
  • Pegs: 10x V style
  • Waterhead: 1,500mm Fly | 20,000mm Floor
  • Warranty: 4 Years

Tent Options

Flies - There are two fly choices for this tent. Both options have a silicone finish and fully factory seam sealed.

  • 7D: spiffy green flies made from ultralight, 7-denier nylon with 1200mm of Sil/PU coating. Ideally suited to three-season bushwalking for the weight conscious.
  • 30D: made from slightly heavier and more durable 30-denier polyester. These gorgeous numbers are not only easy to spot, they have a higher UV resistance, making them better suited for four season use.

Inners - There are also two inner options for most tents.

  • Nylon: the full, breathable nylon inner has DWR treatment for better insulation and protection from condensation. Suitable for year-round use.
  • Mesh: this inner is made mostly from mesh, allowing fantastic breathability and air flow. It is perfect for warmer, more humid conditions. (It is also a bit lighter than the nylon alternative.)

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