P6R Core QC Rechargeable LED Torch
P6R Core QC Rechargeable LED Torch
P6R Core QC Rechargeable LED Torch
P6R Core QC Rechargeable LED Torch

P6R Core QC Rechargeable LED Torch

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Bright and continuously focusable light in four different colours.
The P6R Core Quattro Colour is a favourite tool of many hunters, anglers and photographers. In addition to normal white light, this robust flashlight provides red light (for glare-free night vision), green light (for wildlife observation) or blue light (for tracking). Alternatively, the Multicolour Strobe can be activated, which flashes light in all four colours.


  • 4 Light Functions in 4 colours
    Power - high light output for every situation
    Mid Power - medium light output for every situation
    Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
    Strobe - flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for, among other things, self-defense
  • Front Switch on the torch so you can use one handed
  • Special functions
    Multicolour LED: White - 270 lumen | Red - 140 lumen | Green - 220 lumen | Blue - 35 lumen
    Smart Light Technology for custom light functions
    Rotary switch can be used to change between colours, even during operation
    Multicolour strobe - coloured light flashes with irritating glare effect for emergencies
  • IP Rating: IP54 - Protection against water projected in powerful spray.
  • Rechargeable: By using rechargeable batteries, you're not just protecting your wallet, but also the environment. Regular batteries, after all, require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release themselves. Combined with the energy consumption for transport and storage, the CO2 emissions are huge
  • Core Series: For home and life. Designed for a wide range of applications for everyday or on the job use. Equipped with Ledlenser’s latest technologies and great functionality, the Core Series gives people the opportunity to experience the best parts of our lighting products in everyday life.


  • Brightness: 270 Lumens MAX | 15 Lumens MIN
  • Beam Distance: 335 metres MAX | 80 metres MIN
  • Run Time: Up to 110 hours on LOW | Up to 5 hours on HIGH
  • Weight: 207 grams (including battery)
  • Size: 157 x 42 x 42 mm
  • Water Protection: IP54
  • Battery: 2,500mAh Li-ion 3.7V
  • Warranty: 7 Years

Supplier Code: ZL502517

Please note: All rechargeable items lose charge in storage. Always ensure that your product is stored away with a full charge, and is charged periodically to avoid battery degradation.

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