Hickory Wood Smoking Pellets

Hickory Wood Smoking Pellets

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Outdoor Magic make a range of Pellets with rich flavours such as “Mesquite, Hickory, Apple, Jack Daniel's and Savory Herb, that will give your meats that edge you have been looking for.
Pellets are a very economical way to create smoke and easy to use, they give off a very pure smoke that is very consistent and long lasting due to their compact make up.
These bags contain 450 grams of pellets per bag.

Smoking Pellet Tips & Tricks
Pellets smoke when they are starved for oxygen. That’s why they should be placed in a foil pouch or other fire proof container that limits air supply. 
When making a foil smoking pouch, punch a hole in only one side if the pouch. A toothpick-size hole is large enough.
If you have only regular household foil available, simply make the pouch from a double thickness of foil.
For evenly flavoured smoking of all the food you are cooking, place the smoker box or foil pouch to one side of the fire or heat source, not directly under the food.
If your BBQ is equipped with a smoker box, you can restrict air supply to the tray of pellets by placing a sheet of foil over it.
For easy cleaning after cooking, try placing a foil pouch of pellets inside the smoker box.

Variety Aroma Best for
 Hickory Bacon-flavour, most commonly used and recognised smoke Beef, pork, poultry, fish, game
Mesquite Strong spicy, very distinctive smoke of Southwest cooking Beef, pork, poultry, fish, game
Savory Herb Strong zesty and robust flavours of Italian herbs Lamb, pork, poultry
Apple Strong sweet, fruity smoke. Strongest of the fruit woods Beef, pork, ham, poultry, game
Sugar Maple Very mild, a sweet light smoke Pork, ham, poultry, cheese, game
Jack Daniels Strong, sweet smoke with aromatic tang, good on red meats Beef, pork, poultry, game
Cherry Wood Mild sweet fruity smoke that gives a rosy tint to light meals Beef, pork, poultry, fish, game birds
Orange Wood Mild tangy citrus smoke, great with seafood, gives foods golden colour Pork, poultry, fish, game birds, cheese


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