Fishing Rod Box for Sit-on-top

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The Fishing Rod Box by Australis is an accessory that allows you to transform your standard Ocky or Foxx into a fishing kayak by simply slipping the rod box into the storage well in the rear of the craft.

The Rod Box consists of 2 fixed angled rod holders fitted to a standard utility box (with carry handle, 20cm access hatch and cargo strap to hold it in position). It not only gives you somewhere to carry your fishing rod/s and net but also provides an easily accessible alternative to using a dry bag to keep your towel, clothes and lunch dry while you are are fishing.

Use it as a bait tank or to keep your catch, or, alternatively, your Rod Box can also be used to store drinks and snacks for a whole day's fishing.

When the Ocky or Foxx is first purchased from the Australis factory a permanent Cargo Strap can be fitted. The box simply slips out of the elasticised strap.

However, as an aftermarket accessory, it is better to buy the removable strap which can be easily attached using the clips provided. To remove the box, simply undo one of the clips holding the cargo strap tight and the rod box comes straight out. Please specify which model of kayak as the removable straps are .slightly different lengths.