22cm Cast Iron Frypan

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Pre-seasoned, cast-iron frypan to give you a real campfire cooking experience.
There's nothing better than sitting around an open campfire, with a hearty meal steadily cooking on the frypan. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or an afternoon snack, a quality frypan means you can cook up a storm in no time!


  • Long-term quality guaranteed with a round pre-seasoned cast-iron pan and wooden handle.
  • No before-hand preparation required and limited aftercare needed.
  • Cast-iron construction promises even heat distribution and therefore even cooking. Position frypan over hot coals (not directly on top) or place on a multi-purpose tripod over an open fire.
  • Removable sturdy wooden handle with a hanging hook for a convenient storage solution. Simply twist off to fit into oven or cupboard.
  • Drain off fat and excess liquid with moulded pourer on rim.
  • Size: 9" | 225mm