DownUnder Arctic Ice Gel Pack - 3.5kg

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Arctic Ice Gel packs are a great addition to your icebox. Lasts longer than ice, doesn't dissolve to water soaking the contents of your icebox and is reusable.
The 3500g size is suitable for most iceboxes.

The Downunder Arctic Ice Gel Packs are supplied in 3 sizes. 900gm, 2.4kg and 3.5kg. The non toxic freezer gel is injected into a multi layer, barrier film pouch giving the pack excellent strength and ensuring the polymer is not affected by continuous freezing and thawing. These packs do not absorb smells or dehydrate over time. Best of all, no melted ice in the bottom of the ice box. The Downunder Arctic Ice packs are now recognised as the best ice pack available to consumers due to their ability to freeze as cold as the freezers capability, not to zero, or just below as ice does. The colder the freeze, the bigger the block, the longer they last. They will freeze to -15°C in a standard household freezers.

  • Non-Toxic gel
  • Will freeze to -15°C in a standard household freezer
  • Dimensions: 42 x 23 x 4cm
  • Weight: 3500 grams