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All Purpose BBQ Cleaner (500ml)

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Keeping your barbecue looking like new should be as easy as it is to cook on. The Weber All Purpose cleaner will keep your barbecue looking its best, while not consuming your weekend. It has a unique formula made to specifically remove grease, fat and smoke stains keeping your barbecue glistening.
The Weber All-Purpose BBQ Cleaner should be used regularly to keep your barbecue looking its best. It is a spray-on, everyday cleaner specially formulated to remove the oil and grease spills that can occur during barbecuing. The cleaner has been designed for use on all Weber barbecues. This cleaner is also recommended for use prior to application of Weber Stainless Steel & Metal Protectant.


  • Specifically designed to remove grease, fat and debris
  • Formuated to keep your barbecue looking like new all year round
  • User friendly spray bottle for easy application
  • Capacity: 500ml
Note: Not suitable for use on cooking grills, hotplates, or utensils.

Directions for use

  1. Ensure gas supply is off and your barbecue is cold.
  2. Hold bottle 25-30cm from surface and spray. Leave the cleaner on the surface to break down the grease for at least a few minutes. 
    The longer the cleaner is left on the surface, the better the result.
  3. Wipe over the sprayed surface with a damp cloth to remove soiling.
  4. When cleaning prior to the application of Weber Stainless Steel & Metal Protectant, ensure surfaces are thoroughly cleaner, with any cleaner residue or streaking removed.
  5. Dry the surface with a clean lint-free cloth. Ensure surface is completely dry before applying Protectant.
  6. For best results, use regularly (at least every 3-4 barbecues).

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