Pre-Order now and be the first to receive new stock when it arrives.
Products with the above 'Pre-Order' icon are currently out of stock, however they are available to Pre-Order.

If you're looking to placeย an order for one (or more) of our Pre-Order products, you can do so online on our website like a standard purchase, or you can give us a call, or visit us in-store to make your order.

These items will be sent to you (or be available for 'Click & Collect') once they are back in stock.

Depending on the supplier these may take between 2-10 business days to arrive in store. Like any other order through our online store, you do have the option to 'Click & Collect' these items or have them delivered to you.

If you would like a more accurate estimate on availability, please feel free to give us a call or leave us message/email and we will get back to you with an estimate.

Covid-19 Notice:ย 
Due to the current delaysย with couriers and Australia Post, these are estimates only and may change.
There are also some delays with stock shortages from overseas due to the high demand of some products at the moment.
Call for more information.

Packing & Handling Time
When you complete your order we aim to notify you of a rough estimate on when we expect the products to arrive.
Once the product arrives to us, we will pack the order and it will usually be picked up by the courier within 1-3 business days. For Click & Collect orders, these will be available to pick up once they arrive.

Once the order is packed, we will book it with one of our preferred couriers (Fastway, TNT, and Sendle).

If you would like to add insurance to your postage, please let us know but be aware that extra fees will apply to add insurance to your order. We will give you a call to notify how much insurance will be, and the steps needed to add and pay the postage insurance.

Have a Question?
Get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about Special Orders
ย  (02) 4421 4388


  1. What is a Pre-Order?
    A Pre-Order is a product that is currently out of stock, but we are expecting more stock to arrive, or can special order more stock for you.
    Once you place the order, we will get in touch with our suppliers and determine an ETA for more stock to arrive to the store.
  2. Where are Pre-Orders supplied from?
    Generally, these items are supplied from one of our usual suppliers who would normally supply that brand of product.
  3. How long do Pre-Orders take to arrive?
    Every Pre-Order product has a different delivery time. For an accurate estimate, please send us a message, or give us a call and we can inform you of the most recent updates on availability.
  4. Are Pre-Order items available in-store?
    Yes, all Pre-Order items are available to order in-store.
  5. Can I cancel/return a Pre-Order?
    Pre-Orders fall under the same policy as standard orders and purchases which can be found on our website.
  6. Can I collect my Pre-Order in-store?
    Yes, you can Pre-Order any item and youย have the option to pick up the order in-store as a "Click & Collect" order.
  7. Do you have a larger range of products than what is displayed online?
    Yes we have access to a much larger range of products than what you can findย on our website. If you are having issues finding a product you are after, feel free to get in touch and we can help you find what you are looking for.
  8. What can cause delays to my order?
    Unfortunately delays can happen to Pre-Orders, just as they can happen to any order.
    Some of our suppliers close on gazetted public holidays and for stocktaking which can cause delays in product leaving their warehouses. There can also be delays in shipping for various reasons.