Travel Adaptors

Travel Adaptors

Travel adaptors and converters are a necessity when travelling internationally with electronic devices. However, voltage and outlet type vary from destination to destination. This guide to travel adaptors will help you determine what you need to pack for your next trip abroad to keep your camera taking photos and phone to contact everyone back home.

What is a Travel Adaptor?
Countries around the world use different electrical outlets, and the exact configuration of these outlets varies by country. If you are traveling abroad, chances are high that you will need an adapter to plug in your electronic devices. However, these travel adapters oftentimes do not convert the power supply coming from the outlet; they simply allow you to plug your device into the configuration of that specific foreign electrical outlet.

What Is a Voltage Converter and Transformer?
Just like outlets, the voltage used by countries also varies, and many of our electronic devices are not made to withstand these different voltages. For example, in Australia, electricity runs on 220-240 volts, like much of the rest of the world. However some countries like the United States run on 110-120 volts. If your device is not dual-voltage or multi-voltage, you will need either a travel converter or transformer.
To determine if you need a converter, check your device. The voltage should be listed.
For dual-voltage devices, you may only need to flip a switch to a higher or lower voltage. Multi-voltage items, such as new laptop computers and and smartphones, automatically detect and switch voltages. Dual-voltage and multi-voltage devices do not require a converter. However, single-voltage items do require a converter or transformer to function properly.
To complicate things a bit more, different single-voltage devices require either a converter or a transformer. Electric devices that use heating elements, such as a hair dryer or curling iron, require a converter. Electronic devices that use circuits, chips, or a motor require a transformer.
Luckily, to help simplify things, there are travel adaptors that also convert voltages. Simply check the adaptor for the various voltages it can safely handle.

Power Outlet Guide
This guide will help familiarise you with some of the most common outlet types abroad and help you determine what travel adaptor best fits your needs. The most common socket types will be found on most universal adaptors.
These are based on the Go Travel range of power adaptors stocked in store.

TYPE A - American / Asian

TYPE B - British

TYPE C - American

TYPE D - European

TYPE E - Australian

Country Visiting

Plug Type


Abu Dhabi N/A 240V
Afghanistan B D 240V
Algeria D 110V & 240V
Andorra D 110V
Angola D 240V
Anguilla - 110V & 240V
Antigua A 110V & 240V
Argentina D 240V
Armenia A D 110V & 240V
Aruba A D 110V
Australia E 240V
Austria D 240V
Azores D 240V
Bahamas A 110V
Bahrain A 240V
Balearic Islands D 240V
Bali D 240V
Bangladesh B D 240V
Barbados A 110V
Belarussia D 240V
Belgium D 240V
Belize A 110V
Benin A D 240V
Bermuda A 110V
Bhutan D 110V
Bolivia A 240V
Bonaire A 110V
Bosnia-Herzegovinia D 240V
Botswana A 240V
Brazil A D 110V & 240V
British Solomon Islands D 240V
British Virgin Islands D 240V
Brunei D 240V
Bulgaria D 240V
Burma B 240V
Burundi D 240V
Cambodia A D 110V & 240V
Cameroon D 110V & 240V
Canada A C 110V
Canal Zone A 110V
Canary Islands D 240V
Cape Verde D 240V
Cayman Islands A 110V
Central African Rep. D 240V
Chad D 240V
Channel Islands B D 110V & 240V
Chile D 240V
China D 240V
Christmas Island E 110V & 240V
CIS A D 240V
Colombia A 110V
Comoro Islands D 240V
Congo D 240V
Cook Islands A 110V & 240V
Costa Rica A 110V
Croatia D 240V
Cuba A 110V
Curacao A 110V & 240V
Cyprus B D 240V
Czech Republic B D 240V
Dahomy A D -
Denmark D 240V
Dominican Republic A 110V
Dubai D -
Ecuador A D 110V
Egypt D 240V
El Salvador A 110V
England B 240V
Estonia D 240V
Ethiopia D 240V
Fiji Islands A 240V
Finland D 240V
France D 240V
French Guiana D 240V
French Polynesia D 240V
Gabon D 240V
Gambia B 240V
Georgia D 240V
Germany D 240V
Ghana D 240V
Gibraltar D 240V
Gilbert Islands A -
Great Britain B 240V
Greece D 240V
Greenland D 240V
Grenada D 240V
Guadeloupe D 240V
Guam A 110V
Guatemala A 110V
Guinea D 240V
Guinea Bissau D 240V
Guyana A 110V
Haiti A 110V
Holland D 240V
Honduras A 110V
Hong Kong B 240V
Hungary D 240V
Iceland D 240V
India B D 240V
Indonesia D 240V
Iran B D 240V
Iraq B D 240V
Ireland B 240V
Israel D 240V
Italy D 240V
Ivory Coast D 240V
Jamaica A 110V
Japan A 110V
Jordan A B D 240V
Kazakhstan D 240V
Kenya B D 240V
Korea A D 110V & 240V
Kuwait A B D 240V
Laos A D 240V
Latvia D 240V
Lebanon D 110V & 240V
Lesotho D 240V
Liberia A D 110V
Libya A B D 110V & 240V
Lichtenstein D 240V
Lithuania D 240V
Macao D 240V
Madagascar D 240V
Madeira D 240V
Majorca D 240V
Malagassy Rep. D -
Malawai B 240V
Malaysia B D 240V
Maldives D 240V
Mali D 240V
Malta B D 240V
Martinique D 240V
Mauritania D 240V
Mauritius A B D 240V
Mexico A 110V
Moldavia D -
Monaco D 240V
Mongolia D 240V
Montenegro D 240V
Montserrat A 240V
Morocco D 240V
Mozambique D 240V
Myanmar B 240V
Namibia D 240V
Nepal B D 240V
Netherlands D 240V
Netherlands Antilles A D 110V & 240V
New Caledonia D 240V
New Hebrides A 110V
New Zealand E -
Nicaragua A 110V
Niger D 240V
Nigeria B 240V
Northern Ireland B 240V
Norway D 240V
Okinawa A 110V
Oman A B D 240V
Pakistan B D 240V
Panama A 110V
Papua New Guinea D 240V
Paraguay D 240V
Peru A D 110V & 240V
Philippines A D 110V & 240V
Pitcairn Islands B 240V
Poland D 240V
Polynesia A 110V
Portugal D 240V
Puerto Rico A 110V
Qatar B 240V
Romania D 240V
Russia A D 240V
Rwanda D 240V
Samoa A D -
Saudi Arabia A B D 110V & 240V
Scotland B 240V
Senegal D 240V
Serbia D 240V
Seychelles B 240V
Sierra Leone B 240V
Singapore B D 240V
Slovakia D 240V
Slovenia D 240V
Solomon Islands A 110V
Somalia D 110V & 240V
South Africa * 240V
South Vietnam A D 110V & 240V
Spain D 240V
Sri Lanka * 240V
St. Kitts D 240V
St. Lucia B 240V
St. Vincent B 240V
Sudan D 240V
Surinam A D 110V
Swaziland - -
Sweden D 240V
Switzerland D 240V
Syria D 240V
Tajikistan D 240V
Tahiti A D 110V & 240V
Taiwan A 110V
Tanzania B 240V
Thailand A D 110V & 240V
Tobago A 110V & 240V
Togo A 240V
Tonga A 110V & 240V
Trinidad A B 110V & 240V
Tunisia D 240V
Turkey D 240V
Turkmenistan S 240V
Ukraine D 240V
United Arab Emirates B 240V
Upper Volta D 240V
Uruguay D 240V
USA A C 110V
Uzbekistan D 240V
Vietnam A D 110V & 240V
Virgin Islands A 110V
West Indies A 110V & 240V
Western Samoa A D 240V
Yugoslavia D 240V
Zambia B D 240V
Zimbabwe B 240V

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