New LPG Cylinder Connection - What is LCC27?

New LPG Cylinder Connection - What is LCC27?

LCC27 Leisure Cylinder Connection

What is LCC27?

This is the new connection fitting that will be used on portable LPG gas cylinders (4kg and 9kg) to connect the cylinder to gas appliances including barbecues. LCC27 is an acronym for 'Leisure Cylinder Connection Type 27' and will be replacing the current 'POL' connection we are familiar with in Australia.

The Current POL (Type 21) Valve

The current POL connection has been used in Australia for many years and is usually fitted to 9kg (8.5kg) and 4kg (3.7kg) LPG cylinders.
This connection features a handwheel operated valve, an internal thread for connecting to the appliance, a pressure relief valve, as well as ullage filling and a dip tube.

What is new with the LCC27 Valve?

The LCC27 cylinder valve retains all of the POL valve's features and has some improvements. It is helpful to note that the new LCC27 valve will keep the internal thread for connecting current POL gas appliances, so they will be compatible with the new cylinders.
The safety improvements to the connection include; an intuitive right hand thread that is easily engaged, a visible external ACME connection, seals that are inside the housing and have a greater level of protection against damage. The LCC27 appliance connection also features a back check valve and a thermal cut-out. The back check valve must be engaged by having a positive connection to the appliance hose before it will allow gas to flow. 

How can I tell the difference?

There are a few telling differences between the older POL connection and the new LCC27 connection.
When looking at the cylinder, the most obvious difference is the visible external thread on the valve of the new LCC27 connection. The older POL connection does not have this and has the thread on the inside. You can see this on the diagram below.

As for the appliance connection, the new LCC27 connection will feature a broader handwheel that covers the thread. The older POL connection will have a visible thread and a smaller handwheel behind the thread. When connecting the hose to the cylinder you will also notice that the new LCC27 connection is a right-hand thread and the older POL connection is a left-hand thread.

Why the change?

The reason for the change is to improve the consumer experience, and maximise safety outcomes. Main features of the new valve are: 

  • The cylinder valve incorporates a check valve that will only enable gas to flow when a gas tight connection is made.
    This means gas cannot flow from the cylinder even if the hose has been disconnected and the valve handle has been left in the open position.
  • The connection is a large diameter right-handed thread that is able to be made without the use of tools.
  • All perishable rubber seals are located within the body of the gas valve. Unlike the Type 21 POL connection the new appliance connection does not include rubber o-rings or bull-nose seals, which are often damaged or go missing.
  • The connection incorporates a thermal fuse that will melt when exposed to heat. This allows the internal check valve to close and shut off gas flow in the event the connection is exposed to a fire.
  • The new valve is compatible with existing appliances that use the Type 21 connection, which will assist in the transition process.

When will I see the new connection?

The new cylinders have already started to appear in stores around Australia and in cylinder exchange cages. This began back in April 2021.
Also, all existing bottles that reach the end of their 10 year test stamp will have the old POL valve replaced with the new LCC27 valve when re-certified. All older bottles with the existing POL valve can continue to be used and re-filled until they need re-certifying at the end of their 10 year cycle.
Appliances that are produced after April 1st 2022 must be manufactured with the new LCC27 connection, so you should expect to see these start to appear on shelves later this year (2022). Appliances with the existing POL connection can still be sold after this date, it just means that they will no longer be manufactured with this connection, so they will eventually be phased out and replaced with the newer connections as they become available..

Will I need to buy a new barbecue or adaptor?

No, you don't need to buy an adaptor for your existing barbecue.
The LCC27 valve works best when connected to an LCC27 appliance connection but is backwards compatible and can also be used with the old POL appliance connection. So you don't need to buy a new barbecue or other outdoor gas appliances if you have the new LCC27 gas cylinder.
On the other hand, if you purchase an appliance with the new LCC27 valve then it can only be used with the new LCC27 cylinder and won't connect to the older POL valve.
It's also important to note that if you have an old POL valved cylinder connected to the old POL appliance (which it was made for) then this remains a safe and reliable option.

What do I need to do the next time I buy more gas?

If you are purchasing a new gas cylinder, then you will need to ensure that your new cylinder will match with your appliances gas connection.

If you are getting your old gas cylinder filled then there is no changes for you. Both cylinders can be filled in the same way, the only thing to check is that the certification date isn't over 10 years old. If it is then your cylinder can't be filled and you will need to get it re-certified or purchase a new cylinder and get it filled.

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