How to... Repair a Fibreglass Tent Pole

How to... Repair a Fibreglass Tent Pole

Bought a repair kit for a tent pole and not sure how to repair it? Check out this simple step by step guide below...

  1. Firstly cut the old elastic in the original tent pole then pull out the damaged tent pole piece.
  2. The end of the elastic may be hard to get out of the pole, a corkscrew is very handy for this as you can poke it in the end of the pole and twist it to grab the knot at the end of the elastic.
  3. Measure up the new replacement section to get the length required and cut down to size the new tent pole section to match the length of the broken piece.
  4. Remember to take into account the ferrels on the end of the pole section, especially if it is the end piece and you need to add a second one to the other end.
  5. Tie a granny knot in one end of the shock cord and sit down and thread through the new elastic through the tent pole pieces, being careful to replace the parts the correct way to match the original pole. Once the sections are threaded through all the pole pieces tie a double granny knot at the end.
  6. Handy tip: it is much easier threading through from the end without the ferrel on it (the piece that joins two pole sections).
  7. Make sure the elastic is not too tight or too loose and cut off the excess cord.

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