Everything you need to know about the New Weber Q Range!

Everything you need to know about the New Weber Q Range!

Everything has finally been revealed, the brand new Weber Q range is here! 
There is a lot that has stayed the same, but there are also quite a few changes and additions to the barbecues - even a new addition to the range!
Qrious about what's new? Read on below to find out everything that's new with the new Weber Q barbecue range...

Everyone knows the Weber name, and they've been doing what they do best since the early 1950s, making great barbecues!
From the humble beginnings of the original Weber Kettle in the 1950s, Weber have expanding into large Gas barbecues, hardwood Pellet Grills, Electric BBQs, and Portable gas barbecues including the famous Weber Q.

It's been 8 years since a refresh of the Weber Q range, and the latest barbecues are certainly worth the long wait.
Weber haven't re-invented the Q range, but have come up with more of a revision to add features and accessories that their customers have asked for over the past 8 years of feedback.

What did existing Weber Q customers ask for?

Weber went to their large customer base when looking for what to improve for the next Q range, and these are the main points that came up. Customers wanted:

  • More size to maximise the amount of food that can be cooked
  • More cooking options like a full hotplate to be able to cook bigger brekkys
  • Higher temperatures to be able to have a high sear temperature for steaks
  • Lower temperatures to be able to Low and Slow on the Weber Q
  • Make it easier to control how you cook
  • Make it easier to clean and maintain the barbecue
  • Make it easier to move, transport, and store

What's New?

There's a lot of features that have stayed the same, however there's also a few new tricks on the new Weber Q. You can see the full list of features below, however here is everything new:

  • New plus burner for more temperature control - High sear or Low and Slow (+ models only)
  • Tri-directional lid venting for even heat distribution, regardless of wind direction
  • Front facing control knobs for more simple and easy to use temperature adjustments
  • Front accessible drip tray which is easily accessible to make cleaning quick and simple
  • Higher output burners for up to 315°C of consistent heat
  • Expanded lid volume with a high dome lid for a greater roasting capacity
  • Larger cooking area so you can cook more on the porcelain-enamelled cast iron grills
  • Removable side tables that securely stow under the barbecue when not in use
  • New cabinet with front door access that can also house a 9kg gas bottle (Family Q)
  • Locking caster wheels to make it super easy to move your barbecue around (Family Q)
  • Weber Connect compatibility for the Ambient temperature probes
  • 4 new colours - Midnight Black, Flame Red, Charcoal Grey, and Smoke Grey
  • Brand new Weber Q+ model with more cooking capabilities
  • As well as a swag of new accessories to go along with the existing accessories, including:
    • New Portable Cart that fold flat quickly and easily and hold the barbecue more securely while packed and in use
    • New Premium Cart with front door access, 9kg bottle holder, tool hooks, and 4 locking caster wheels
    • New Full Hotplate so you can cook even more on your Weber Q

Did you say new colours?

That's right, there are also 4 new colours across the full new premium Q range!

The premium Q range (Q1200N, Q2200N, Q2800N+, & Q3200N+) is available in Smoke Grey, Midnight Black, Flame Red, and Charcoal Grey
The standard Qs (Q1000N, Q2000N, Q2600N+, and Q3100N+) are available in the Midnight Black, and Flame Red only. Another reason to consider the Premium Range when looking around.

The New Weber Q Range

With the addition of the new 'Plus' range, there are now 8 different Weber Qs in the full range, over 3 different sizes.
This can be simplified to 4 'Premium' models and 4 standard ones.

  • BABY Q
    • Q1000N
    • Q1200N (Premium)
  • WEBER Q 
    • Q2000N
    • Q2200N (Premium)
    • Q2600N+
    • Q2800N+ (Premium)
    • Q3100N+
    • Q3200N+ (Premium)

To determine which Weber Q is best for you, you can ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • how many people are you cooking for
  • is it for travelling around or for at home
  • how much space is available for storage 
  • how do you want to cook (low and slow?)

Baby Q - The Campers & RVs Favourite

The smallest barbecue in the Q range, the Baby Q can still cook a variety of foods, and despite it's small size, it can cook a big meal!

The Baby Q is the preferred model for those with a small balcony as well as campers and travellers in campervans or RVs.
Its small size means it can pack away in the boot of the car or in the motorhome when travelling making it the ideal solution for cooking on the go - whether it's breakfast, roasting, baking, barbecuing, or even pasta and rice in the saucepan - the Baby Q does it all!

Benefits of the Premium Q1200N:

  • Lid Thermometer
  • Battery powered Electronic Ignition
  • Removable Side Tables included

Weber Q - The Original, All-Rounder

The mid-size barbecue in the Q range, the Weber Q is a great all-rounder, that is still portable enough to take away in the car, but also big enough to feed a large family at home!

The Weber Q is the perfect barbecue for bigger feeds & when you have unexpected guests at home (or away) and is quick & easy to fire up. Both models feature side tables and handy tool hooks to keep your tongs close by.
This barbecue is still portable enough to take away with you, but gives you a bit of extra space when cooking for larger groups - whether it's snags, seared steaks, home-made pizzas, roasted meats, baked cakes, or even breakfast - the Weber Q can handle it all!

Benefits of the Premium Q2200N:

  • Lid Thermometer
  • Battery powered Electronic Ignition

Weber Q+ - The All-Rounder, Plus a Little More...

The newbie to the Q range, the Weber Q Plus has the same bones as the Weber Q... plus a little more...
Still portable, still big enough to feed a large family at home, but also featuring the addition of the new 'Plus' burner!

All the same features as the Q above and with the new Plus burner you can now expand your cooking possibilities even further...
You can still roast, bake, and grill, but now you can turn up the temperature for a high sear, or turn things right down for a low and slow cook!

Benefits of the Premium Q2800N:

  • Lid Thermometer
  • Battery powered Electronic Ignition

Family Q+ - The Backyard Entertainer

The largest barbecue in the Q range, the Family Q is the perfect backyard barbecue, great for entertaining and also with the addition of the Plus burner you can cook even more than before!

The Family Q is Australia's favourite backyard barbecue - and for good reasons. The Family Q is able to grill, roast, bake, and sear for a large crowd - and can now Low & Slow! Imagine smoked beef brisket at your next get-together with family and friends..
Simple to use, and super efficient on gas, the Family Q comes on the Premium Cart and is super easy to wheel out on the deck and fire-up in minutes. Plenty of storage for up to a 9kg gas bottle, as well as all of your barbecue accessories and handy hooks for your tools. Did we mention the large side tables to keep all your sauces and seasonings close by.

This barbecue may not fit in the car, but the tables can be removed, and the barbie can be wheeled away with ease and it gives you a ton of extra space when cooking for a large crowd - whether it's roasted meats, baked treats, home-made pizzas, seared steaks, breakfast, snags, or an all-day Low & Slow cook - the Family Q can make anyone look like a professional chef!

Benefits of the Premium Q3200N:

  • Lid Thermometer
  • Battery powered Electronic Ignition

What about Cart options for the smaller Qs?

There are still two options when it comes to carts for the Qs.
The biggest change is that both carts are suitable for both Weber Q (and Q+) as well as the Baby Q!

The first option is the Portable Cart, which as the name suggests, is portable and is a great option for travelling or when you need to pack the BBQ up in a smaller space.
This cart folds down flat with the BBQ in place and has an extendable handle to make it super easy to wheel the barbecue around on the cart.
There are also a number of tool hooks on the cart to keep your barbecue tools handy, and the cart can also fit up to a 9kg gas bottle underneath the barbecue.

The second option is the Premium Cart, which is similar to the Patio Cart for the older Q series, but with some great upgrades.
This cart is fixed and placed on four caster wheels which are lockable. This makes it super easy to wheel the barbecue around in any direction which is especially useful for pushing it into a tight space on the deck.
The Premium Cart also features a brand new cabinet with a front door! This not only looks great, but is also handy for storage of your barbecue accessories, as well as easy access to the gas bottle which is also stored inside. You can also hang the Full Hotplate from the hooks on the rear of the cart.

Other NEW Accessories

One of the biggest updates to the range, and something that customers have been begging for - the brand new Full Hotplate, which is available for all the new Weber Qs!.
This gives you even more space for cooking eggs, pancakes, and even more on your Weber Q.
All the old accessories have also been updated to fit the new range including the half hotplate, covers, duffle bags, roasting packs, and more.

What about the Flame Failure Device?

The "Flame iQ" is now available for the older Baby Q models (Q1000/Q1200) and the New Baby Q models (Q1000N/Q1200N). It is retrofittable to the old Weber Qs as well as the brand new Weber Qs.

So there you go! That's everything you need to know about the new Weber Q barbecue range. We hope this helps you find the right Weber Q for you so you are ready to turn your next backyard cook-up to the next level with more space, more heat, more features, and even more possibilities.

 Any questions? Or was there anything we missed? Let us know below...

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